Discovering Music

Second Edition / Revised and Enlarged


  • Textbook with a clear narrative through the historical periods, illustrations, timelines, explanatory materials, a full glossary, and a very useful Who’s Who
  • Separate Student Workbook with projects, more timelines, quizzes, and viewing guides for the lectures (Guided Notes)
  • Expanded Listening Selections Online
  • 17 Video Lectures (the same as in the 1st Edition) (13+ hours on 8 DVDs)
  • Read more about the new edition here.
Look Inside the Textbook
Look Inside the Student Workbook

Price $169

Includes 8 DVDs, Textbook (235 pages), Student Workbook (221 pages), Online Listening Selections and Supplemental Materials.

The Teacher’s Manual is sold as a download for $1 in order to secure exams and answer keys.

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