Entrepreneurship in Music

Dr. Fabiana Claure

Dr. Fabiana Claure will make a special musical presentation at our symposium “Teaching the Arts Classically” this coming Saturday, October 7. Fabiana now holds the position of Director of Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music at the University of North Texas. What does all that mean?

It means exactly what Fabiana and her husband, William Villaverde, have done. Their careers as concert artists, entrepreneurs, and educators make a good story. We featured a video of William a few months ago on one of the Friday Performance Picks.

When I studied music in graduate school, little was said (much less taught) about professional development. We just hoped to land a lucky job or, for the performers among us, perhaps to win a competition. Fabiana takes a more productive approach. And, as her title suggests, she didn’t just walk into a job as director of entrepreneurship. She is spearheading the creation of the program.

William and Fabiana both grew up in Latin America—Fabiana in Bolivia and William in Cuba. So there were some hurdles. We became friends with them years ago when they were graduate students at Southern Methodist University. Now, after many years studying and working in Miami, they are back in the Dallas area.

You can expect some music during Fabiana’s presentation. I have even heard it rumored that Professor Carol might join her for a few four-hand selections.

As for the career paths, I should let them tell their own story.